Visualization Must Be Practiced.

Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.~Bo Bennett

Engaging your senses
Doug sense

Using all of our senses develops creativity.

Doug and I have presented the idea that imagination and visualization is important skills to develop.

Imagination allows your visualizations to be more realistic and powerful.

All five senses should be used when visualizing.

Instead of watching the equivalent of a mind movie, visualizations should be a recreation of reality using not just sight, but hearing, smell, touch and taste.

We’ll offer a few exercises in this post and following posts that will help develop your imagination using your other senses.

Start out with an exercise that will heighten your individual senses, and help to develop your imaginings of these senses…


Find a place where you don’t spend most of your time… Outside would be best, but a library or other public place will work too. Close your eyes, relax and feel what is around you (sense of touch). Is there a draft? Is the air warm or cool?Touch your surroundings with your hands… What textures do you feel? Concentrate on your sense of touch and tune out stimulus from your other senses.

Relax again. Now concentrate on your sense of smell. Are there old books, earth, fresh cut grass? Spend some time getting used to smelling the air… We don’t pay attention to smell often, unless something is overpowering. Try to pick subtle scents out of the air…

Relax and listen. What is the general noise you hear? Listen more closely and pick out individual sounds… Isolate each sound and concentrate on them. You may be surprised how much there is to heare when you listen with your eyes closed.

Now, with your eyes still closed, try to keep the three senses heightened, and pay attention to them all at once. Be present, and really sense your surroundings. This is difficult to do at first, since we rely so much on our sight. Keep focused as long as you can.

Open your eyes and look around you. Do you notice things that you wouldn’t have paid attention to before this exercise? Being present means not functioning on auto-pilot, not letting your brain unconsciously filter out the data it receives from your other senses.

How Do you feel? When I do this exercise life feels more vibrant and rich. The feeling fades quickly as I slip back into relying on sight more than the other senses.

It’s important to do this exercise regularly to develop your imagining skills and to reconnect with life…

Next- Eat Something!

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  1. Lorraine · · Reply

    ve always found it easy to creatively visualize anything, which is why I can clear my chakras, so easily.

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