Choose Wisely.



  1. polyglottawa · · Reply

    “Two men looked out through prison bars; / One saw the gutter, the other saw stars.”

  2. brianhickey75 · · Reply

    That is brilliant!

    1. I’m glad you like it.

  3. What strikes me about this picture, is that the statement could have been even more profound, if the person looking at the cliff wall was smiling, and the person looking at the wonderful view was miserable. It is often not what we are experiencing that makes us happy or sad, it is our mindset, and we can choose to remain happy despite all odds (even if we were looking at a cliff wall with no view). I get it that the person could have made the choice to just move across and made their life brighter, but I still think that despite the choices, even if we made a better one, we may still not be happy.

    1. Good insight Penny- Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Absolutely true!!! I’ve been bought up on the philosophy of ” If you wear dirty glasses you’ll see a bad world out there”. We need to brighten our perspectives and look at the fuller part of the glass!

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    too late

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    Good illustration of how we choose to see life

  7. John, I am glad you have chosen the path that has you giving of yourself in this manner that you do.

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