Are You?



  1. That’s exactly the kind of competition I seek, although in some cases I’ll settle for “as good as I can be right now”.

    1. That’s the kind of competition that matters.

  2. Reminds of things learned from my parents’. When you are angry with someone, your anger stems from what you see in yourself that needs improvement. and along the same lines not exact . . . The biggest room to fix is the room for improvement. peace g

    1. Exactly Gregory- We see reflections of our self in others. What bothers us in others is what bothers us about ourselves.

  3. Reblogged this on Dispatches from the edge or do slipstreams dream? and commented:
    yes ,it is the striving in becoming better then I am today and better still tomorrow, in the hope to one day be as close to the best I can be and serve those i meet better.

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