Imagination Leads To Your True Self.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.~Albert Einstein

Creative imagining is key
monkey pancakes

Doug imagines food!

Imagination is what leads us to new insights. Children use their imaginations to comprehend the world around them.

Somewhere before adulthood is reached, imagination and creativity become “childish”, and frowned upon by society. They’re labelled as fanciful, unrealistic and often a waste of time.

People become fact oriented and want to fit in as adults. The few who retain use of their imaginations are seen as eccentric and a little weird.

This is unfortunate because, as adults, our imagination can still serve us as it did when we were young- to understand the world around us.

Logic rules

Logical explanations rule adulthood. For something to be true, it must be able to be seen, tested and categorized. Science trumps spirituality or fanciful creativity in “reality”. Many religions have a spiritual reality that comes before and after our physical reality, but even then, the spiritual is codified and unchangeable. There’s no room for imagination…

We’ve lost our sense of wonder because of rules telling us how everything is. To connect with our true selves we need to open the door to our imagination, let it out and let it run free. Creative visualization will allow us to develop our imaginations, and then we can get to know our inner selves.

Our outer reality is over developed while our inner landscape is often withered. We need to understand who we truly are inside before we can see how this inner self effects our physical reality. This is where imagination comes in to play.

Imagining ourselves into existence

Imagination, through creative thought exercises, will allow us to explore who we are inside and what our inner world is like. We can learn what motivates or frightens us, and how that manifests in the physical world. Imagination can create a link between our two worlds, the inner and the outer, and help us live a life that’s not plagued by duality.

Our true self is not just the physical us. The inner self is just as important, but is not given nearly enough consideration. By getting to know both selves, they can be linked, and both can work together as one. Without the linking, each self works against the other unconsciously, causing anxiety, health issues and unnecessary hardship.

Imagination will lead us to our inner selves, once we learn how to use it like we did as children.

Are you ready?


Think back to your childhood. Did you have any imaginary friends? Did you make up stories that you ended up believing were true? When did your friend go away? When did you stop creating your own reality?

Try to pinpoint what caused you to stop imagining as a child does. Were you ridiculed? Did you get in trouble? Were you called a liar?

How do you currently feel about imagination and it’s role in your life?  Do you miss it?

Next- Are you starving your imagination?


  1. This is GREAT !!! I have somehow managed to stay silly and childlike and responsible and efficient etc all at the same time. Play is the best thing we can do for ourselves. And without imagination what would we be?

    1. Thanks Julie- I look forward to your input on this series. You were a big supporter of our Finding Your Path In Life series, which is greatly appreciated!

      1. rossblyttjordens · ·

        Not sure I agree with that sentiment – example I could imagine that I am Female though as a man that gives no insight in particular to what it’s like to be a woman! However, I feel that with the forces higher than human nature acting in benevolence to myself I am able to transcend binary opposites. I have no particular version of god yet, though would like to find the One. 🙂

  2. Interesting!! Maybe I will follow up with this one of I’m done with your “Finding Your Path In Life”. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been following along with your progress.

  3. I love the pic. So creative what u can do with food. 😉

    1. I love food and everything you can do with it…

  4. This is a great photo/food and really looks like Doug! Thanks also for your thoughtful – erm – thoughts… 🙂

    1. Our thoughtful thoughts are thoroughly thought through… Or sometimes not.

      1. Hehe :p

  5. I can’t honestly report that I had the most robust imagination as a child but, thankfully, I held onto a healthy appetite for reading throughout life and music, specifically the playing thereof, has played a touch and go role as well. Both of those activities has allowed me to keep a loose handle on the wonders of creating and therefore helped to maintain some semblance of youth to my being.
    This is good stuff you have here Doug and John!

    1. Thanks Glenn- Creating is important. I think a lot of people become self conscious as they get older and stop making things. This is too bad. Not everyone can be a professional artist, but everyone should express themselves, even if no one else sees their creations.

  6. Lorraine · · Reply

    I’ve always had a strong creative visualization ability. That’s why it’s easy for me to “see” my chakras when I meditate, or to “See” things in detail when described in a book or when someone describes something verbally. What was that quote of Einstein’s? “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

    1. I like that Einstein quote.

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  8. You, my friend, have a brilliant mind! I am so intrigued with your blog! I am reading a book about imagination and keeping our inner child to create that I think you would really like. I am loving it. Its called “Born to Create” by Theresa Dedmon

    1. Thanks Pamela- I’ll have to look that book up on Amazon… I’m not familiar with it. Thanks for the tip.

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  10. Quiet Mary · · Reply

    My creativity was lost very early. And just the way I’m wired, it’s been a struggle to get it back. Hope against hope! Enjoying your writings; thanks!

    1. Thanks Mary- Keep at it. It’s not lost, maybe just suppressed…

  11. I just love the illustrations and the very clever use of food. The articles are very interesting as well! So far a great read!

    1. Thanks Chiquita! I’m glad you stopped by to check out the monkey blog…

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