1. I love that! Just let it go.

    1. Me too Michele…

  2. Just what I need except I really can’t. 😦

    1. Not yet anyway…

  3. […] Unfolding moggiepurrs doug does life Playful Kitty panic yesterday Life is full of sweet spots Tails from […]

  4. I have nominated you for 7 awards.

  5. A beautiful image and a beautiful and envigorating message… Tks John..x

  6. Ownership/copyright thoughts held me back for quite a while….Even though I know my “stuff” is to be shared with the universe the current system leaves those thoughts of limitations/not-enoughness then how-muchness, is it rightness, mine-ness??? I know there’s so much more to release….just do, enjoy and appreciate more. Everything in this universe is a given expanding expotentially without limitations.

    1. I worried about his at first as well. I don’t anymore though, I create most of my own images and of course do the writing for this blog. No one has tried to take credit for anything I’ve posted here… At least not to my knowledge. Creating and sharing without worry is a wonderful feeling…

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