Get Your Own Doug Products!

Metaphysical DougIt’s a great feeling to connect with others and to make a difference in their lives. I’ve been writing and illustrating Doug Does Life for a while now.

The blog is attracting new followers daily and I’m getting great feedback from the readers.

Doug seems to resonate with people. I want to expand the reach of Doug and our message.

This fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me was created to help move Doug to the next level. I would like to have some books, t-shirts and other products printed up to spread the message of Doug.

What is the message? Take a look at our blog and find out:

doug stone 2We’re not asking for hand outs. I’ll send you something based on your donation, as outlined here.

Or, you can donate out of the goodness of your monkey loving heart too!

The Doug stone is a three dimensional worry stone a little over two inches long. It was sculpted by me, I made a mold and hand cast (urethane) and hand paint each stone.

The stone can be carried in a pocket or purse, or kept on a desk where Doug’s simple reminder, “You Can” will be seen at all times.

stone 2If you live outside the USA, please select the $6 donation along with your product.

International shipping is expensive and will eat up the profit quickly if I have to pay for all of it. Supporter Level and above is free shipping anywhere.

I love creating Doug content, and want to help as many people as I can. Help us get the word out, and help a creative monkey make his own way in the world…

Click below to check out what we’re offering!


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