Be Mindful Of Your Thoughts.



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  2. Alice Logue · · Reply

    I have always believed in the power of positive thinking. I just never expressed it as powerfully as this quote. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Alice- I’m glad you liked the quote. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nice quote!

    I just found out that when we are sad or upset we produce twice the endorphins we do when we are happy, did you know that? It’s such a freaky and amazing fact. So now I guess we sometimes enjoy negativity just for the chemical thrill of it.

    I’m trying to think there’s no point in being negative, so I’ll be following you as an antidote for the very common Farah-is-being-a-drama-queen episodes.

    Thanks for the like in my post (it was my first like ever, yay!) I hope you can find my posts sort of useful too.

    And I must admit the monkey is a cute idea 🙂


    1. Hey Farah- Thanks for stopping by. Negativity can become an addiction I think… Like all addictions, it isn’t healthy, even if we do get a rush from it.

      I still battle negativity daily. Changing my outlook in a given situation from negative to positive is becoming easier, and making my life much more pleasant.

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