Connect With Your True Self.

Life is not about finding your true self, but creating who you wish to be.~Steven Redhead

Doug connecting with his true self.

Doug connecting with his true self.

Doug and I are still working on our new series of posts titled “Connect With Your True Self”.

We’re mapping out a direction to follow, and making notes about the various posts we’ll write.

Here’s an image we created to inspire us while working on this planning and plotting.

Can you find the three faces of Doug?

We hope everyone is enjoying the new year. We’re still away from home, visiting family. Tomorrow will be spent driving back to Florida.

Back to planning…


  1. Great subject for a series! All of my work is about connecting in with my true self, and helping other people to discover and connect in with their true self.

    I look forward to following your and Doug’s journey 🙂

    1. Thanks! We’re looking forward to sharing it.

  2. Yes, so so true… Oh!!.. If only we were able to connect with our True-Self… Then, our anxieties, unconformities, and any negative or unbalanced stage within us will banished.. When we are connected with our True Self, everything is in TRUE-SELF HARMONY inside out.. A beautiful quote John, thanks..x

    1. Hey Gloria! Good to hear from you again- I’m going to make the effort to connect with my true self more this year…

  3. Ah! John I forgot to mention that I can only see two faces of Doug. The one above is cleverly done and nearly passes unnoticed (specially being as tired as I am!)… Doug is certainly showing a powerful connection with It’s Self..

    1. The third Doug face is below… the intertwined roots.

  4. Yes, John I thought it would be below, but I still cannot see the resemblance of Dough, sorry! Anyway, I think is a great drawing..x

    1. The two leaves are his eyes, and his nose is right below them…

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