Getting Away For A Few Days.

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance. ~George Bernard Shaw

Today was a day of driving… My wife, daughter one and I left Florida for the frozen wastelands of Georgia to visit my sister in law for a few days. I know, Georgia isn’t that far north, but it was 82 degrees a couple of days ago back home…

We packed our coats and our warm clothes… We even wore boots! We’ll be away for a bit over a week and we’re not used to real cold… Florida cold is different than cold elsewhere… It visits for a while overnight but is gone by the afternoon. Georgia cold is like an unwanted guest… It doesn’t know when to leave.

I planned to take a few days off from writing, and work on planning my new series of posts. That was the plan at least…

We arrived at our relative’s home, went inside and chatted for a bit. I decided to unload the car before the sun went down and the cold had a better chance of killing me where I stood. So, I went out to get the suitcases and bags and Christmas gifts and found…

The stowaway monkey!

Hello! I’m here too!


Doug was supposed to stay in Florida and take care of the chickens. He didn’t.

He stowed away in the luggage and managed to sneak into Georgia with us… He told me we shouldn’t let the blog go unwritten just because I wanted a vacation…

He’s right. Doug and I will be blogging while visiting family.

He’s forcing me to. He may be little but he has the strength of seven men…

Doug’s a sneaky monkey, but he’s wise too. We need to keep working towards our goals and dreams.

So, no break for me… I just hope the chickens know how to fix their own dinner…


  1. …a sneaky, wise and necessary monkey.

    1. Sneakiness is Doug’s middle name… Doug Sneaky Monkey…

  2. I probably could have done with someone like Doug while I was away – didn’t do any blogging at all. Mind you, constantly moving around from place to place in a 4000km (at least) loop may be a fair excuse!

    1. I would have tied Doug up and threw him in the trunk if he tried to make me blog while driving constantly! We’re glad to see you back…

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