Endings And Beginnings.

Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending.~C. JoyBell C.

Our path in life
We're wiser monkeys thanks to the friends we've made blogging...

We’re wiser monkeys thanks to the friends we’ve made blogging…

Doug and I have spent the last  four months (almost) sharing our thoughts and ideas about finding our path in life.

We set out in the beginning not sure what blogging was, how to do it or where we were going. We were just monkeys who wanted to share our story, and hopefully help others who felt stuck, like we did…

70 posts later, and it feels like a good time to wrap this series up.

We’ve shared all we’ve learned about finding direction, setting goals and traveling towards contentment.

Along the way you’ve learned a bit about Doug and me, and what’s going on in our lives.

I’m happy that I decided to jump in and start a blog back in the beginning of September. My life is much richer for digging into my  issues, blockages and dreams,and writing about it… And from the friends I’ve made here.

What’s next?

We’re not going anywhere, that’s for sure! We love blogging. We’ll continue to post inspirational quotes and write about random stuff from our life.

We’re going away for a few days after Christmas. My wife is an English teacher, so she has a block of time off. We’re going to visit her family. While there, I’ll be working on mapping out a brand new series that will be presented like the Finding Your Path In  Life series…

The new series, with the working title “Finding The Real You” will dig into a topic close to my heart- Personal spirituality and existence. We’re not religious monkeys, but we’re very spiritual… I plan to present our thoughts and ideas in a way that will be useful to everyone, no matter what flavor of religion or spirituality they favor.

It’s a tall order, but I feel it can be done. Look for the same format as the last series where I’ll share the idea, my experiences and then provide a exercise for you to follow along.

I’m excited! I used to want to be a priest when I was a boy… Women got in the way of that idea but I’ve cultivated a strong spirituality that I think is somewhat universal.

To paraphrase a famous quote, “One light, many candles”. That’s my philosophy on spirituality. I hope you’ll all join Doug and me as we look inward once again, but not to discover our talents. This time, we’ll search for where our talents, reality and life come from, and what we should be doing with them.

It’s going to be fun… and I hope, enlightening. And for those of you who haven’t followed along since the beginning, check out our Finding Your Path In Life series. we’re pretty pleased with how it’s turned out…



  1. “To paraphrase a famous quote, “One light, many candles”. That’s my philosophy on spirituality. I hope you’ll all join Doug and me as we look inward once again, but not to discover our talents. This time, we’ll search for where our talents, reality and life come from, and what we should be doing with them.”

    You are Mystical Monkeys! You know and hold within you the True teachings of all “religions” which lost their magic once they formed an organization. Organizations are always power-based. Enough about that. I am very excited ! and Happy for the best and most adorable Monkeys I have ever met ! Too You !!

    1. Hey Julie! Glad to hear from you again…Thanks for your usual support and inspiration. We’re excited to start our next series… Mystical monkeys… That has a nice ring to it!

  2. ..kinna relative id say , 2 day also,, thx.. have a safe trip 🙂

    1. Thanks Q. I’ll be blogging from the far North for a few days… Georgia, that is. It’s North to me anyways…

  3. Hey there! I look forward to your new series about spirituality, since that is why I decided to blog also! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thanks Lorraine- I’m looking forward to starting it. It’s exciting to be starting a new project

  4. Have a good trip and I look forward to following your next journey.

  5. Have a safe trip 🙂

    1. Thanks… I’m already packing- too much- because I don’t know what the weather will be like…

    1. Thanks… We’re planning to. Lots of home cooked food!

  6. […] on.  The authors will still blog, however, it will not be the same.  In their 70th blog post, http://dougdoeslife.com/2013/12/23/endings-and-beginnings/, they discuss their new direction.  I will continue to follow these authors, as I rather enjoy […]

  7. John, this has been a real treat for me, finding you and Doug.

    I imagine you have heard or read the phrase “three feet from gold” in reference to not stopping the pursuit of a goal because you never know how close you are if you give up. Well, having myself started blogging not that long ago I feel like I struck gold in finding your blog without looking very hard at all. Life was, in this way, very good to me. So yeah, for that I am grateful.

    Happy and healthy holidays to you and yours John.

    1. Glenn- Thanks. we appreciate what you add to our posts and the conversation in general. I believe in synchronicity, so our meeting up wasn’t an accident. Happy holidays!

  8. What a wonderful quote. I may just have to steal it 😉

  9. Hi, Doug – I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Membership Reader Award. Here’s the link:
    Just an appreciation of all your hard work and great posts. Cheers, Mo

    1. Thanks Mo! I appreciate the nomination…

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