We Enjoyed The Shortest Day Of The Year.

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. ~ John Burroughs

Sitting near the fort in St. Augustine.

Sitting near the fort in St. Augustine with Daughter 1 and Daughter 2.

Saturday, the shortest day of the year shined bright and warm… Quality overcoming quantity.

I took Daughter 1 and Daughter 2 to St. Augustine to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

We shopped, and walked, and walked some more.

It was a perfect day without a cloud in sight. Too bad 82 F is a bit warm for Christmastime, even in Florida…

Both daughters enjoy photography, so we ended up, as we usually do, walking along the water near the inlet.

There are always interesting things going on where the river meets the sea, if you look closely…

Weird jellyfish- Daughter 1 photo.

Weird jellyfish- Daughter 1 photo.


The Winter Solstice brought jellyfish in to visit… There were hundreds of them!

I never saw this type before- They looked like stemless mushrooms bobbing around.

We decided they are migrating, because they were spotted all along the coast of the state…

What causes jellyfish to pack up one day and where do they vacation to? Obviously St. Augustine, but why? They can’t even ride the horses and carriages…

Jellyfish are strange, interesting aliens to me. I don’t like them though, because we swim in the ocean often and a jellyfish is not fun to bump into while body-surfing…I’ve been stung too many times and Doug is still missing patches of fur on his butt from his last stinging encounter with these floating blobs of ouch.

Jellyfish disposal turtle- Daughter 2 photo.

Jellyfish disposal turtle- Daughter 2 photo.

So we were glad to see some sea turtles… Sea turtles eat jellyfish. Sea turtles are our friends! Every floating bag of venom devoured is one less to float into us when swimming…

Swimming season is a long way off though… Winter is just beginning. While it’s still warm here, it won’t be long before the temperatures dip down into the teens at night… Yes, Florida gets cold too!

We’re preparing to bundle up for the cold nights ahead. We’re comforted by the idea that the sun will now shine a few minutes more each day, until Summer arrives and darkness will be a distant and forgotten dream…

Hey, we’re Floridians! we love the sun… And we hate jellyfish… So go turtles, eat with all your might. Make the waves safe for us surf monkeys, for the magic time when the sun is powerful, and nights are short… And we can swim again.







  1. I spent a lot of time in Palm Coast years ago. You make me nostalgic.

    1. I lived In Palm Coast for nine years… The W section. We now live in Clay County, West of St. Augustine… I don’t want to be anywhere else, except sometimes the desert, in Arizona… I love it there too.

  2. Ha! Floating blobs of ouch is right…jellyfish are terrifying.

    1. And relentless in their pursuit of stinging… All the more frightening because they do it without thought.

  3. Jelly fish LIVE in the ocean…it’s their home. So if we enter their HOME we get stung. I know people who were hospitalized because of Man O War stings but WE go to where THEY live. They are what they are. There is NO INTENT. They are just living their lives in their own environment, minding their own business. They don’t deserve to die because we want to swim where they live. At least that’s my opinion. They don’t have a choice…we do. Happy holiday.

    1. I understand all that… I didn’t go around stabbing them with a sharp stick. I was cheering on the sea turtles who also live in the ocean, and eat jellyfish.

      You may have misread the intent of my post. I’m not calling for a jellyfish holocaust. In fact, I kill nothing. As a shamanic practitioner, all life is sacred to me. But sea turtles do what they do, and I’m OK with that.

      Happy holidays!
      *No jellyfish were harmed in the making of this post.

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