We Should Get To Know Ourselves.



  1. And I guess that would apply to all of us here. Thanks to you, Doug, and Carl Jung.

  2. This is an interesting statement, as it could be taken in many ways. It could mean the different personas we present to ourselves and the world, (different masks), or the different people we become as we change and grow. It can also mean that others we meet are connected to us and are a creation of our reality, or that they reflect to us those aspects of ourselves we need to confront. Thought provoking post!

    1. Hey Penny. I like this quote for the reasons you list… It can mean many different things. For me, right now, it means I’ll keep running into myself in others, facing the same issues over and over, until I resolve them.

  3. so true, doug,,,when the in my face liars an hipocrytes still do exist, even though they call themselves angels:( ,are very much against my live 😦 sad story and penny is right how some hide behind disguises of different identies etc etc & veils and sick masks and are opposite of what they attempt to represent to the world..some are right in ur face….thieves hipocrytes liars and cheats, laughing all the way to the bank, but will in the end, i believe karma will get ahold of them for all thier neglectful and decietful deeds against others:( disguising themselves and some angel ..oh well huh,llife goes on:(…..some are too smart fotr themselves i guess huh!..and rely on fear as the ruler of all thier decisions,,….as jung said some are sicker than others!. 😦 Q

    1. oops i called u doug ;;;oh well is what i get foir listening to the moinlkkey mind 4 years ago anyhow .have a great sunday 🙂

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    And so often the ones that disturb us the most are the ones that can show us were we need to grow.

  5. I believe in this statement more than some people realize…and it makes me sad.

    1. Why does it make you sad?

  6. You can see the emotions such happiness, sadness, frustration and the roadblocks people create reflected back to you, reminding you that you feel the same things too.

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