Doug Helps Me Too.

But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I’ve come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current. ~Carre Otis

I couldn’t sleep very well last night… My mind kept working on the problems I’m facing, in spite of my efforts to exist in the now. Doug wasn’t in bed at all last night… He’s usually hogging my pillows or trying to edge me off the bed… It’s not like him to miss out on his beauty sleep.

Doug worked all night!

Doug worked all night!

I found Doug this morning, fast asleep on my desk.

Apparently, he was up all night going over my court documents… Looking for ways he can help.

Of course, Doug isn’t a lawyer… He’s not even very literate!

He likes to portray himself as a monkey who stands above the petty problems of us mere humans.

But there he was, asleep on my desk after working all night… And I didn’t even ask for his help.

Some things are too much for us to handle all alone, even for those of us who know of no other way to handle things.

Out for the day.

Out for the day.

Doug knows me, and knows I wouldn’t have accepted his help… So he sacrificed his night’s sleep to see what he could do to bring some peace to my mind.

He’s a good monkey, but don’t tell him I said so… I just wish he didn’t drool all over the court orders…

He didn’t even wake up when I carried him off to bed…


  1. Amy Kurth · · Reply

    ❤ you.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Doug.

  2. The other day I was wondering, if my cat was also trying to help me out in some way. The bills that the postman droppes through the mail box in the door are always thorn into small peaces. I assume my cat is not literate, and is not that good with numbers and accounting. But I appreciate the guesture.

    1. This is entirely possible. Or, speaking as the caretaker of three felines who knows the species well, your cat may just be expressing their buttheadedness!

  3. Please tell Doug not to overwork or worry because the universe has his back.
    …anyway, he needs his beauty sleep. 😉

    1. Believe me, he won’t! Doug doesn’t even come close to overworking!

  4. I agree! You have to go with the flow and see where life takes you!

    1. It’s like a Disney ride… scary but ultimately satisfying…

  5. jjwalters · · Reply

    I wish I had a friend like Doug . . .

    1. He can come stay with you for a while… He charges by the hour though… That’s why I’m always broke.

  6. Sigh..that was really rather lovely! x

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