Building New Networks.

First I shake the whole Apple tree, that the ripest might fall. Then I climb the tree and shake each limb, and then each branch and then each twig, and then I look under each leaf. ~Martin Luther

Branching Out
Branch out-Build new networks.

Branch out-Build new networks.

Doug and I have been exploring networking recently to extend the reach of our monkey message. We’ve already discussed networking with people from the past as well as current readers of our blog.

We’ve shared what were doing to market ourselves, and gave some tips on how you can do the same.

Now it’s time to develop our network of supporters and customers further (Remember, when we say customers it doesn’t have to mean someone buying something… It can be a follower of your blog).

We started thinking beyond work and blogging to pinpoint potential supporters. We deal with many different people during the course of our lives. If we start to think of each one as a potential supporter, we can extend our reach rapidly.

Who do you mean?

I began making a list of potential contacts in my everyday life.I don’t want to seem all used car salesman-ish about my blog, so I listed people I have a bit of a rapport with already. My list of potential new contacts looks like this:

  • Family members– My niece is a teacher, another works for a bank. My wife is a teacher. These three alone should have access to quite a few literate adults and children, some that might be interested in finding their way in life (and reading my blog).
  • Friends- I still keep in contact with some friends from school, and a few of them are successful artists. They already have networks of creativity makers and consumers of their own that they may be interested in sharing. Some of my friends from the retirement community I visit regularly are computer savvy, and will be interested to learn about what I’m doing with Doug.
  • Neighbors- I live in a pretty rural area and my neighbors have no idea that I have a blog. For all I know one of them may be an entrepreneur of some type, and have a lot of knowledge to share.
  • Professionals- I currently have dealings with attorneys, but I can add doctors, children’s teachers, and anyone else I’ve had business with in the past, and will deal with again in the future.

This is my list of potential secondary contacts. My goal now is to explain to all of them what my blog’s about, what I hope to accomplish and why they should check it out and share it with their contacts. Support like this can build momentum and get the word out about Doug’s monkey shenanigans.  I better get my business cards dusted off.


Who’s in your life right now that is a potential contact to network with? Think about who you regularly deal with. Consider:

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Neighbors
  • Professionals
  • Community groups
  • Connections from your school days
  • Teachers
  • Religious organizations
  • Whoever else you can think of!

Get some business cards or other promotional material printed up and start telling the world about you and your talents. Spread the word. Others can’t help you if they don’t know what you’re doing…

Everyone has their own networks, informally and professionally. If you can get a few of the people from your everyday life excited about your offerings, they’ll tell their contacts about it.

There’s nothing new here that Doug and I can claim as original thought. We just reminded ourselves to use all available resources in our life, and now we’re sharing that thought with you…


Find like minded groups…

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  1. All excellent ideas!

    1. Thanks Michael!

  2. Great article! I’ve just joined a networking group too, with the essence being about supporting each others endeavours. I’m yet to promote my blog through these avenues, but your article has really got me thinking!

    1. Good,I’m happy it is useful to you. I’ve uncovered a lot of potential contacts through these exercises.

  3. Good to know will keep this in mind 😀

  4. John,
    In our brief history of interactions I have come to enjoy what you offer and hope that you will consider me as part of your contact list. I am happy to support your cause.

    Also, have you considered a mastermind group? If I have my information correct, many that are established may cost a bit of money. While that may be prohibitive would you consider starting a mastermind? I confess that I would be interested in such a thing. Food for thought, good Sir.

    1. Hey Glenn- I do consider you as a contact. I think we can learn from each other…

      I haven’t heard of mastermind groups before, but I did a little Googling after you suggested it. It sounds like a good idea. I’ll look into it this week when I have time to do so.I’ve been thinking about a chatgroup/board/whatever to tie to my blog anyway… I need to look into masterminds…

      Do you have anything to share about mastermind groups?

  5. What I have on masterminds is what I have gleaned from hearing people far more successful than me speak about them.
    As I understand it, the push of the group is to bring like-minded people together to offer support and perspective to on another. Seems pretty simple with an unnecessarily fancy name. Be that as it may, the effects appear to be quite positive for individuals willing to gather to not only drive their own agendas but that of the other participants as well.

    1. This sounds like a promising idea. The next couple weeks for me are going to be crazy, but I’ll look into this when I can… I think this might be something we can all benefit from.

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