1. One of my favorite topics – synchronicity ! Thank you – sharing this one WIDELY !
    You, the two and the one of you are true Wisdom Teachers !

    1. We appreciate the compliment! I don’t know about all that… We’re just trying to share our thoughts.

  2. I believe that if we start looking for synchronicity, if we start paying attention, we discover it does happen more frequently than we realized. It’s not just about things happening at the same time, or when we want them to happen, but rather when the time is right. Even when it seems like things aren’t making sense, God, the Universe, angels….even our own simple yet powerful thoughts are working together to create what we need and what will become. I appreciate the reminder to envision my heart’s desire which continues to grow into reality.

    1. I agree. I love finding the synchronicity in my life because it pulls me back and helps me see the larger picture. Sometimes I feel I get to wrapped up in life, and the little reminders refocus me.

  3. Totally agree, we just have to be aware of these precious moments so to be thankful when they occur.

    1. I think they occur more often than I recognize.

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