Be Motivated.

love lion


  1. positivethinking13 · · Reply

    Wow LOVE that lion, totally cool! Quote is pretty cool too, but the lion is awesome art!

    1. I like the lion as well. I can’t take credit for the art or quote, other than sharing a good find from Facebook…

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    I think it’s important that one’s appliances are ‘good with children.’ Really.

  3. I so agree. The more we let go of our smaller self. Peace and Blessings

    1. Thanks for the input. I’m trying to make this my mantra…

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  5. Love is what holds the Universe together. It’s the 3rd ray of the creator. Something had to hold the Universe together and the creator picked Love. You are also held together by Love – Divine Love. You can do ANYTHING with Love. GREAT POST ! FEEL the vibration of Love in your body. It’s so powerful – as are YOU!

    1. It’s difficult to remember sometimes, but that’s why I posted this… As a reminder for myself and to remind others.

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