Monkey Prep Cook.

“Calvin: Why are you crying mom?
Mom: I’m cutting up an onion.
Calvin: It must be hard to cook if you anthropomorphize your vegetables.”
Bill Watterson

It’s a busy morning here at monkey town. We’re all getting ready for the big family feast at my oldest sister’s place. We hosted Thanksgiving here last year… It’s nice to be going to someone else’s house for it!


Shall I bury these or give them to the chickens?

I’m doing some quick bloggy stuff, the daughters are putting on their faces and Doug is helping the wife in the kitchen.

We’re a large tribe, my family. Everyone is bringing a dish or two for dinner. We’re bringing wild rice stuffing and Brussels sprouts.

I happen to love Brussels sprouts, but Doug hates them. He was entrusted with the washing and prepping of said sprouts. I hope they make it to the table…

I can’t trust that monkey with food prep…

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Doug looks like he knows how to put aside his personal feelings for the greater good. Am I correct?

    1. He does… and we did eat the Brussels sprouts after all.

      1. I’m glad my intuition about others came through, in this case. I hope you all enjoyed the day.

  2. I LOVE brussel sprouts! I think they’re totally underrated. They’ve been massacred too often in the past and served overcooked, soggy and bitter (yeah, thanks mum!) when they should be sweet with a bit of bite. They’re especially good when sauteed with butter and bacon, but really, if I’m honest, anything is good with butter and bacon…

    1. That’s how we had them… Shredded with butter and bacon and sauteed. Even those who don’t like sprouts like them this way…

  3. milosivanskistudio · · Reply

    Brussel sprouts BOOOOO. I’m with Doug on this one

    1. I forced him to eat them… He wasn’t happy.

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