Be Limitless.

No Limits So don’t set any for yourself…


  1. Exactly! You ARE limitless. With connection to your Soul/Spirit you can do ANYTHING ! if you are feeling “I just can’t do it anymore…” What you’re really saying is “I can’t do it anymore THIS WAY” The solution is to WIDEN your connection between your soul/spirit and your ego/body. Then as Doug is telling us so beautifully – there are no limits – literally ! Thank you for the reminder Sir Doug !

    1. Hey Julie- Thanks for the input. You’re correct… Forward progress must be maintained. Dead ends mean hop onto a new path… Oh no! You gave Doug a title! Now he’ll never do any work…

  2. Do you like Richard Bach?

    1. I do like Richard Bach. Johnathan Livingston Seagull is one of my favorite books.

      1. I like the one about the airplane!

      2. One? I think that’s it. I have that book as well… Very good.

      3. Yes that is my absolute favorite for quotes!

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  4. So much wisdom in so few words – brilliant ! Love, Pat

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