Using What You Already Have.

Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well. ~Jack London

What do we have to offer right now?

Remember the list we made of or past work experience? It’s time to take that list and write out what skills we gained from the different jobs we held.

My list looks like this:

  • Visual Display- Design principals, marketing, customer service.
  • Bronze Foundry- Mold making, casting, processes of being a professional artist.
  • House Framer- Carpentry, conflict resolution.
  • Boat Carpenter- detail work, high end production, craftsmanship.
  • Set builder-Environment construction, set installation, creating from plans and ideas.
  • Municipal work- Interpersonal skills, customer service, helping those in need. Unnecessary abuse of power, control and conflict. Not for me.

Looking at my list as individual jobs gives the sense of a bunch of disjointed skills that don’t add up to a cohesive whole. But if I look at my jobs and skills as components making up one entity, a progression is seen… Like a path from childhood to adulthood. The entity is me, and each skill built upon the others to bring me to this very second.

Sure, set installation and conflict resolution may not seem to have much in common at first. But I couldn’t perform one without the influence of the other informing my decisions, because they are both part of my experience. What we did, and do, make up who we are today…

What does this show me?
Plant your seeds and watch what grows… No water needed, now with extra monkey juice!

Each skill is a seed from which we grow.

Looking at my list, I see that building things and helping others are what the skills broadly break down to.

The specifics of each skill are different, but most of them fit into these two groups.

Now I can think about how to use these skill groups to make a new path for myself.

Build/create/make/construct. These are the words for the first group of skills.

Help/assist/service/customer/resolve are the words fort he second group.

I can start combining these words in different ways, and use synonyms to add variety. I’ll add passion as well, since that is the key to success.

Examples are:

  • Creativity and passion lead to fulfillment.
  • Build your own life.
  • Help others create passion (in work or life).

I’ve already thought a lot about this, and used this process. The best skill combination I’ve come up with to offer others is I can help you to:

*Construct your own fulfillment*

Doug and I already discovered we’re creative problem solvers and now we know what we can offer to others. I’m a “creative problem solver who can help you construct your own fulfillment”.  That sounds a lot better than an artist with a stuffed monkey who used to build boats and hated his city job…


Take your list of past experiences and pinpoint what skills you acquired. Write down the skills for each job.

Look at your list as a whole. That’s you and your skills.

Group your skills together into broad categories. Come up with words to describe these categories.

How can you rearrange them into something more to your liking? Rearrange them… Keep playing around until you hit on something that speaks to you.

Fine tune your results. Fashion it into a sentence which describes what you have to offer others. Is this the real you, or do you need to do more tinkering?

Keep adding new words to your skill categories. A different word may inspire a brand new line of thinking for you. Have fun imagining your new, rearranged skill offerings…

What are you offering?


  1. GREAT JOB ! Remember, you ARE a star seed – you have come here to be an innovator ! You are finding your own unique way and guiding others to do the same – PERFECT ! You cannot fail !

    1. Thanks Julie- You always have an encouraging word to share!

    2. So Agreed :)…. “Remember, you ARE a star seed – you have come here to be an innovator ! You are finding your own unique way and guiding others to do the same – PERFECT” 🙂 ! You cannot fail ! Q

  2. Love this! Going to make my own list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome. Let me know how it goes for you.

  3. I think this is great. I’m surprised to see that my list is longer than I thought. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am getting old, and I’ve done everything, from construction to teaching kindergarten. However, when I look a little more closely I definitely notice a pattern. I am going to re-asses my resume and see if I can’t create something a bit more dynamic.

    1. Hey Andrew- I felt the same way about my list. We forget how much experience we really have… I’m happy you see a pattern. I was surprised, pleasantly, when I made this discovery for myself.

  4. Laughed at your line ‘That sounds a lot better than an artist with a stuffed monkey…..’! Love the packet of seeds ‘Now with more juice’! Very clever.

    1. Thanks Penny! Doug seeds grow much better with added monkey juice…

  5. boobooda7 · · Reply

    Ok Doug, I’m following you now and you have a lot of wisdom. Here’s something else to put in your think tank. Our jobs do not pay our bills, WE do. And the way we do that is by bringing out skills, talents and abilities up to bat…and those skills, talents and abilities are mobile.

    1. Bravo to you! So i have something else to bring to the table. Anything that SPARKS you, ANYTHING, you already have inside of you. I don’t care what it is, if music SPARKS you, you have the ability, and, yes, the longing, to create music. “Follow your Bliss” and you will live from your God Given gifts and live a life of happiness ! Add “what sparks me?” to your list 🙂
      Humbly, Julie

      1. A good suggestion Julie. Independence is what sparks me… Being my own monkey, and not in a cage working for others.

      2. And this is why what you’re doing is so valuable because “jobs” are a thing of the past. You are guiding others to be innovators, as you are. To use their “God-given” gifts as we step into these New Energies and the old paradigms fall away. No worries, just watch them fall. You are helping others be ready to step into the New.

      3. I feel like “jobs” are the past as well. They seem very old way of thinking. I’m still not sure what the new way is, but I’m trying to discover it!

      4. boobooda7 · ·

        Julia, I’m still learning how to find and do stuff on on this blog so I just found your comment, luddite that I am. Anyhow, you are so right…it is that divine spark within us that matters and sometimes in this life, we get so busy doing other things we let our fires get squelched. What a tragedy that is! I’m looking to get my mojo back.

    2. Thank you… Booboo? Not sure how to address you! I agree with you completely. If we work for someone else, they’re making money from our talents, usually a lot of it, and sharing a little to keep us tethered to the job. I believe more of us are waking up to the the reality that we should own the rewards of our own efforts… At least, I hope lots of us are realizing this.

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