Tending To Our Lives.

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. ~Liberty Hyde Bailey

Told to leave.
Do something else today, less hairy monkey!

Do something else today, less hairy monkey!

Doug wouldn’t let me open up the laptop today until we went outside. Florida weather is perfect this time of year. So, I went out to check up on the garden beds.

We have a few beds planted with squash, radishes, daikon and lots of other fall type veggies. There are even a few tomato plants we’re hoping will produce before the frost comes… We’re optimistic monkeys…

Look how good we are at letting the sun and rain do their jobs!

Look how good we are at letting the sun and rain do their jobs!

Everything is growing well in the garden. I love to see the healthy green exploding out of the earth. The green is a testament to Florida’s wonderful climate and less to our gardening skills, but a win is a win.

This photo is only half of the beds we tend, not to mention the six fruit trees, pepper plants and the over zealous egg producing hens…

We tend our plants and chickens, and they produce.

Doug reminded me of an old but wise saying… “You reap what we sow”.

Tending is not just for blogs and gardens

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately tending my blog. I want it to grow and eventually provide for me, just like the garden. But there are other important parts of my life that need tending as well… Like my family.

So this weekend was about family fun. Saturday, we ate lunch at our favorite French Bistro in St. Augustine. After that, we walked around town in the rain, imagining the house we’ll live in one day. The daughters will be off to college in a few short years, but they both want to settle in St. Augustine too. I’m glad. I put a lot of effort into tending to them… I want to see them thrive.

Today we’re going to see Thor: The Dark World. Yes, I still love superhero movies. What do you expect? I write a blog with a stuffed monkey!

Yum! Radish...

Yum! Radish…

Tomorrow I’ll be back to my regular posts about finding your path, being content and general monkey mayhem.

But this weekend is about tending other important parts of my life…

And look! The radishes are ready!


  1. positivethinking13 · · Reply

    Yes. LOL this is a maintenance planet. Everyone and everything must be constantly maintained! It gives us something to do…repeatedly.

    1. You’re right… Juggling the maintenance is tricky sometimes, but it usually works out.

      1. positivethinking13 · ·

        It does. And I for one always try to have fun doing it! 🙂

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