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  1. i only see men in there ! I want to be a ballet dancer 🙂

    1. Nah, they’re androgynous. My daughters skateboard with me, so that could be them up there…

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  4. Everyone who answers “yes” to that quote has a different idea of what it means. What is the definition of ordinary to each person? Someone may think/believe they are extraordinary but others may think the person is quite ordinary, according to their standards. LOL If we all talked about this we might be talking about different things and never even know it. It’s so weird. I love this stuff. Ordinary, not ordinary…like everything else, it’s all about your attitude and individual beliefs/world views. Really funny. We define things by who we are as individuals.

    1. Good observations. That’s the point though. If we all do what we love and with passion, no one will be ordinary! We may all be doing something different, but it will all be extraordinary because we see it that way…

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