Love The Now.


Today has been a day of synchronicity centering on Eckhart Tolle. This Pooh Bear quote is a good reminder to live in the present moment…

Doug and I love collecting inspirational quotes. We’re planning on sharing one each evening… What do you think?


  1. Wonderful idea. Like your quote above, the Tao of Pooh is full of wisdom!

    1. Thanks! Yes, The Tao Of Pooh is great… We have lots of other quotes to share besides Pooh…

  2. Today is my favorite day too!

    1. Sometimes it’s hard, but I do too!

  3. Always loved this quote

  4. Reblogged this on .

  5. Wwwau! How beautiful is that? I love it. The illustration is superb and the quote very profound indeed.. I am a quotes lover so I really welcome your idea, I am sure I will have the occasion to use some of them in my posts too… (John, this drawing is so thoughtful!)…

    1. I’m glad you like the idea Gloria. I think it will be fun to select one to recap the day… Maybe it’ll tie in with my main post or maybe it’ll just be one I like.

  6. YES, LET US ALL LEAVE IN THE NOW EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY… Today is a good day to start practising.. Thanks John..x

  7. I’m not even a quotes loves lover, but I have to admit this brought me some peace at least in the moment that I read it. Looking at the ‘big picture’ is good, but if you do it all the time you’ll go bald from anxiety. Good to just think about today for a moment.

    1. That’s the power of Pooh Bear… One of the MANY powers.

  8. OMG this hits me right in the feels.

    1. Oops! Sorry… Take a few minutes to catch your breath, like in boxing… Next time I’ll aim higher.

  9. Hi, I can relate, I have been called a Monkey but I keep telling this person I am a girl (similar to the Movie ” Miracle on 34th Street) ha ha. I love quotes. When I started doing Twitter, I use to find quotes that I loved and posted them. I might do that on wordpress as well. Thanks for the idea!. I love your site and the quotes and all the people you have folloiwng you, I have checked some of them out to see what they are about. I know I am long winded. But I love people and talking to people. I like writing too. Oh, by the way thanks for liking my article and taking time to stop by. Tell Doug I said Hi. from m.

    1. Hey M- Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I have a lot of great readers who participate in comments and feedback. Their blogs are worth checking out, as you’ve discovered.

      I enjoy quotes too. I try to post a good one each day, along with a regular post five or six times a week. Today and tomorrow will be postless except for a quote, since today is prep day for Thanksgiving and tomorrow is turkey day.

      Please, be longwinded! I like the conversations that develop on here…

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