Monkeys Aren’t Good With Calendars.

If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween. ~Doug Coupland

Doug can be a stubborn monkey. I told him Halloween is October 31st, but he insisted it was on a Saturday this year… He didn’t really know what Saturday, but just… SATURDAY.

Doug isn't good with calendars...

Doug isn’t good with calendars…

I went out for my usual Saturday rambling around. Doug stayed home and was going to work on drawings for the blog… I returned home to no completed drawings, and no Doug.

My neighbor called and said something, he thought it was a monkey, came in his window and stole his birthday cake… during his party.

Doug showed up later in the day. He denied knowing anything about cake theft, and said he was out feeding the chickens… I pointed out that his outfit looked like a costume, but he claimed it’s cold out by the chicken coop, and that’s why he was wearing a hat.

Doug doesn’t know how to trick or treat. He doesn’t know how to read a calendar and he doesn’t know how to behave. But he does know how to be stubborn, and it IS a Saturday, after all…

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