What Is Your Work Style?

I think the person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for the money – has turned himself into a slave. ~Joseph Campbell

Where do you fit in? Do you fit in?

Doug and I decided to focus on our work style. Career-wise, we all know what we’ve done in the past, what made us happy and what made us hate getting out of bed. But I never really thought much about what made one situation unbearable and another situation fun.

My new definition for myself is I’m a Creative Problem Solver… That’s a vague title that can be applied to lots of different fields and jobs. I like it that way. Being open allows for twists and turns on my path. Under what conditions will my new self thrive though?

Doug came up with some questions to ask me about my work style preferences. If you don’t have a stuffed monkey to help you out, you can ask yourself the questions below.

Let the interrogation begin!
  • Do I feel more at ease working a salaried or guaranteed paycheck job?- Yes, I feel more secure, but I don’t feel happy doing it. It all goes back to fear… Fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear that I’m not good enough to make it on my own. In spite of the uncertainty, I will be more content working for myself.
  • Do I prefer freelancing,consulting or being assigned work?- I believe I would prefer being a consultant of sorts. I like the idea of being the answer monkey (I know, still working on this… It stems from fear). I like creating without a lot of input from others. Part of me thinks creating products and offering them on the market may be the path for me (again)… I certainly don’t want to be assigned anything ever again,especially work!
  • Why kind of schedule and structure do I prefer?- I like making my own schedule. My ideal situation would be where I can set blocks of time for work, depending on the day and what needs to be done. I don’t like being forced to do something and be somewhere the same every day… That destroys any creativity I might have woken up with. I currently use a stopwatch to keep track of the hours I work in a day. I set a goal and strive to meet it by bedtime.
  • What type of work will allow me to express my skills and talents most effectively?- A hypothetical situation that suits my style is I turn my attention to the issue at hand, assess the situation and solve a problem. I can then guide others to solve their own issues,using new and non-dogmatic approaches... And creating stuff!
  • Am I a team player or a loner?-I definitely prefer working alone. I don’t mind conferring with others, but I never again want to be in the position where someone else is making decisions for me. My future successes are better off being under my control alone… Yes, I’m a hardheaded, stubborn monkey…

    Doug is not a suit and tie kind of monkey!

    Doug is not a suit and tie kind of monkey!

It doesn’t take a detective to see that I’m not much of a team player. I like people, I enjoy interacting with others, but when it comes to creating, I’m a one monkey show. I do my best work alone, without distractions.

Once I have something produced, I can show it to others, accept input and refine the finished product ( I can, but I still don’t like to!).


How do you like to work? What’s your style? Ask yourself the following questions to narrow down your likes and dislikes:

  • Do I feel more at ease working a salaried or guaranteed paycheck job?
  • Do I prefer freelancing,consulting or being assigned work?
  • Why kind of schedule and structure do I prefer?-
  • What type of work will allow me to express my skills and talents most effectively?
  • Am I a team player or a loner?

Review your answers. Where does your current job fit in with your likes and dislikes? Does this have anything to do with your level of contentment?

What about a career path?


  1. I like Doug; he seems to be your perfect compliment!

    1. Thank you Victoria! He is perfect, in his own imperfect way…

  2. Hi. Very interesting posts. I am still trying to understand wordpress, After reading some of your posts, I think you and I were cut from the same cloth, I hope I can learn to better express myself and my art on here. I will definitely look forward to more of your posts.

    1. Hello Andrew. Thanks for reading. WordPress takes a bit of figuring out. I’m still learning myself… I started this blog on September 3rd, 2013 and knew nothing about blogging. I try to learn something new each day, and apply it to my blog and/or marketing.

      I enjoy your blog… You have great imagery posted… In what ways do you feel we’re cut from the same cloth? Many people would be terrified to know there are two of us of like mind on the loose!… Keep in touch.

  3. Your blog is so, secure, it feels safe to be in this blog.

    I will answer your questions, just for fun.

    I like freelancing, but if i get no orders then it’s bad.
    I don’t have work schedule sometimes i work in the morning, sometimes in the evening – I work when i feel like working, doing something.
    My skill is writing. I am the creative guy. I create stuff nobody else cares about, books nobody readers and so on.
    I am a loner, but I can manage a team if i am in charge. I can’t stand people, who aren’t leaders leading me. If there’s a good leader I can be in a team, but most of the time leaders are poor in quality.

    I know, that for me it’s best to keep on writing books and maybe someday someone will really enjoy them. 🙂 God gave me everything to be a good and successful writer, now it depends on my effort.

    Your blog is so secure. 🙂

    1. Hey Tom- Thanks for stopping by.I’m glad you feel my blog is a safe and secure place. I’m trying to convey that to others, and encourage them to find those feelings in an authentic life for themselves.

      It sounds like we have similar work styles… And I think you’re right about the effort part. My line of thinking lately is success happens when an idea is formulated and pursued. Sticking with something through the hard times seems to produce success. That’s what I’ve observed, at least.

      1. You are right, only our work gives colour to our ideas.

        Effort is what converts idea to a real, material thing. Look around you – everything is done by people who made effort, that effort influenced us to do something else.

        Where I am going with that is: you can’t have a computer without a lightbulb or electricity.

  4. Doug is cute, he looks huggy. I work in a shoe shop because I need a job to pay my bills. I want to work from home, to paint and draw, to write and illustrate. I would like to be commissioned to paint portraits or illustrate a book but instead I have to go and work doing a retail job which doesn’t suit me. I have no choice because I must feed the bank account to pay my bills. Until my work is valued enough by someone who will pay me to do it, I will have to continue slogging away in a job which doesn’t suit me, which stifles my creativity and suffocates my imagination, to pay my bills.

    1. I actually use Doug as a tiny arm pillow when I sleep. He doesn’t like it, but too bad for him… It’s hard to visualize anything but the daily grind when you’re immersed in it. Decide what you want to do, even on small thing, and work out the steps to do it. Once you’re successful, map out something else. Little victories can add up.

      1. Thank you for your advice/support, very kind. It’s the ‘steps to do it’ part where I struggle, due to interuptions from having to go to work! My job isn’t even a terrible job, I’ve had much worse. I started my blog to showcase my art, but I haven’t yet produced the art I really want to do, which needs more space than my one bed flat, that’s what I’m struggling on. Anyway, thanks again for your kind words.

      2. I understand how you feel. I was stuck in a job I hated and wasn’t being creative at all. At least you’re producing some work…

        What type of art do you want to produce that you don’t have room for?

      3. BIG paintings, I want to paint large paintings. I like surreal images with intercorrelating forms. If I spread plastic on the carpet in my flat I can paint on fabric such as cotton duck which is like cotton canvas, spread flat on the plastic. Then keep the paintings loosely rolled until I’m able to stretch them over a frame of the correct size. Nothing large will fit in my flat and I don’t have anywhere else to paint. But how to get the paintings stretched over frames would be the next problem!

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, which led me here to yours. Enjoying what I’ve read so far and resonating with me. Thanks for that guys 🙂

    1. Hello- I’m glad you’re finding something interesting on our blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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