Anxiety Means New Opportunities Are Approaching!

Anxiety is part of creativity, the need to get something out, the need to be rid of something or to get in touch with something within. ~David Duchovny

I know what I want. Why am I scared?

We know what we want to do with the rest of our lives now, at least in a general sense. You still don’t? You get an F! Start over at the beginning of this series about finding your path in life…

Now Doug has run off again while we were waiting… Anyway, you should have at least a general direction to head in and probably some firm ideas about where you want to be to reach monkey contentment. If you’re like Doug and me, you’re feeling a bit anxious and maybe even terrified about the prospect of totally revamping your life… Good.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to ANY type of change, even change for the good. You don’t believe a couple monkeys? This article agrees with our hypothesis, and they’re not monkeys. Actually, we’re not sure who or what they are, but the article is interesting…

Humans, by nature, prefer stability and predictability. It goes back to when anything new usually wanted to kill us and eat us, after dragging us around the jungle by our head for twenty minutes first. Why else would we stay in soul numbing and contentment crushing jobs, instead of striking out to find our place in the world?

doug jungle enhanced

Anxiety used to serve a purpose…

Anxiety is a leftover from cavemonkey times, and from our early life conditioning. It isn’t needed anymore in everyday life. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have to fight saber toothed tigers every time I want to kill a mastodon for breakfast… unless I’m feeling energetic. Anxiety signals change. Change heralds growth. There’s nothing to fear.

Talk to your new self.

Doug and I have had great success with defining our wishes and quelling our fears by interviewing different aspects of ourselves. Today we’re going to interview The Creative Guide, who is our future self that we’re striving to become. Doug finally decided to do some work and prepared some questions for us to ask.

The Creative Guide should have some helpful answers about anxiety, because he’s already where we’re trying to get to (it’s all very confusing and metaphysical, sprinkled with banana flavored quantum physics… Just go with it).

We asked the creative Guide the following questions:

  • What is causing my anxiety over the future?- Your anxiety comes from not having a course of action. Letting life just happen will not work for you anymore. Conscious choice and directed action are needed. You’re doing pretty well in this area now… We won’t talk about the past though…
  • Thanks… I guess. What are the signs that I’m not moving towards my ultimate goal?- Are you frightened? Do you feel unsure? Do  you feel like you’re not making forward progress? Are you depressed?
  • Is there anything you can do to help me if I become anxious?– I can remind you to live in the present. Be me now. Look inward for answers. Examine your motivations. Are you still on track? Are you sabotaging your progress? Ask for help from me, and from the higher self that we’re both part of.
  • What do you think will get me back on track?- Make decisions. Always make a choice… Do… Don’t avoid issues and circumstances. Be active in life, and stop being reactive.

Name the future you, the you you’re working towards becoming, if you haven’t already. Ask this future you the following questions, and anything else you specifically need answers for:

  • What is causing my anxiety over the future?
  • What are the signs I’m not moving towards my goal?
  • Is there anything you can do to help me when I become anxious?
  • What do you think will get me back on track?

This is a useful exercise to do whenever you feel stuck, or are starting to feel less than enthusiastic about your decision to make a new life for yourself. Look to yourself for your answers. No one knows you better than you do. You can go to others for ideas… Monkeys are usually the best for giving advice, just saying, but ultimately, your answers will come from within. You know who you are now. Trust this, and listen to yourself…

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  1. Awesome timing! This evening the aries new moon (and penumbra) will be summoning our fears forward to be confronted and cleansed! great advice for this process! Thanks monkey brains!

    1. Doug has impeccable timing, for a monkey… Even if I do all the work.

  2. The law of attraction at its best Douglas. I just read your post which feels like it was written exclusively for me.. For the last two weeks I am experiencing an enormous anxiety for wanting my art to be recognised.. Your post has reassured me that I am in the right path and I must followed my intuition. I totally agree with your words. Thank you. (You are a great artist)..

    1. Hi Gloria_ Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy that my post has helped you sort out your anxieties… That’s my intention with these posts. By sharing my own fears and roadblocks, I hope I can help others work through their own.

      Keep believing in yourself and your intuition. It’s difficult sometimes, but think of the contentment you’ll have by living the life you dream about living. Keep going!

      1. Tks D. I know the theory, but sometimes one just need to see results from his efforts… Despite my peruse in trying and learning from others, it must be something I am not doing right, like my posting site for instance, I still don’t have time to learn how to make it right, something simple like the menus you have on the right side and by the heather., At the end of the day is all about marketing, isn’t it, and I am useless at it.., plus the fact that I am working in an office full time does not help me either or maybe it does until I am ready to fly.. Who knows! All I know is that there is nothing I would like to do more than to be a full time ‘online’ artist… Yeesssssssss, THAT IS MY DREAM… First time I say it on the net, can you believe it ??.. Ooh my God, it’s so late.. Mid night in London, I better go to bed… Thank D. for listening I really appreciate it, you are very kind…x

      2. It’s difficult to change… I know, and struggle every day with the effort. Message me via e-mail, the Talk To The Monkeys button, and I can offer you some advice that’s helped me to get my new blog going… Have a great Sunday!

      3. You are a STAR… Muchísimas gracias from the button of my heart.. I will certainly do that tomorrow or Monday morning from work (Saturday & Sunday are very intensive with my toddler)… Thanks again..xx

  3. wow this is so helpful, nobody has ever given me a better cure for anxiety! I totally agree!! I’m copying and pasting this article into my mind. thank you!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m happy this post has helped you.

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