Wishes Are Unfulfilled Needs.

Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wish And Make It So.

Live your wishes and dreams!

Live your wishes and dreams!

How many wishes do you make in a day? Is it enough to keep your fairy godmother driving her Mercedes, paid for with consultation fees? As children, we wished for what we wanted. “I want to be a cowboy”. I want to be an artist”. “I want to wrestle alligators and live in an airstream trailer”… Wishes were positive and constructive.

Wishing is powerful… It taps into the unknown, and children are surrounded by the unknown, and gives power and control. Children believe wishing can make something so… “I want” or “I desire” thought patterns inspire creation. They add to our life…

Too bad grown ups decided we needed to be educated. We’re told that wishing is a waste of time… “Get your head out of the clouds!”. We’re forced to conform, fit into our little pre-made box, and be “realistic”. Wishing stopped being magical and became silly…

As adults, we still wish, but now it’s without belief, it’s not full of intention and it’s often negative. Wishing becomes a superstitious spell, recited to keep away the darkness. “I don’t want to lose my job”. ” I want to lose 250 pounds”. “Please let me make enough to pay the mortgage”. I want becomes I don’t want. Wishes become negative… Wishing does not add to life anymore, it tries to protect what little we have. There is no real magic left…

Reclaim Your Wish Mojo.

Doug and I weren’t like all the other monkeys. We hid a bit of the powerful wish magic away, where adults couldn’t find it. Sometimes we took it out to look at it and try to use it. It was weak and pale, but it allowed us to hang on to a sense that there’s more to life than what we were living.

We have the bit of wish magic on the table right now. We’re going to use it to make a list of our wishes… Not the negative adult wishes but the powerful, creative little monkey wishes. Little Doug still exists as caretaker for the wish magic. We’re going to consult with him, and write down  our true wishes, which we helped clarify in our previous exercises

My Wishes

  • To be financially independent.
  • To perform spiritually rewarding work.
  • To help others.
  • To be free.
  • To provide for my family.
  • To be a guide and/or role model for others.
  • To be useful.
  • To be Happy.

Now that we have our list of wishes (they’re admittedly a bit vague still, but we’re sneaking up on specifics), we’re going to prioritize them. We examined each wish and put them in order from what we want the most, second most and on from there.  Our modified wish list looks like this:

  1. To be happy.
  2. To be financially independent.
  3. To perform spiritually rewarding work.
  4. To be free.
  5. To provide for my family.
  6. To help others.
  7. To be a guide and/or role model.
  8. To be useful.

This is what Doug and I wish for. The challenge now is to turn these wishes into a rewarding life. This list is necessary to get where we want to be. How can we know where too go if we don’t know what we want?


Make a list of all your wishes. What do you want to be when you grow up? What will bring you the most joy? Where do you want to live? Who do you want to be with?

Your list may be more specific than mine. Do you want to be a mud wrestler in Tobago? Write it down! Don’t worry about prioritizing your list yet… Just let the magic flow onto the page.

After you’ve corralled all your wishes, prioritize them in a list. Which one do you want the most? That’s number one. Take each wish and assign it a number, with one being the most important.

Look at your list. This is what’s survived from childhood. Can you add more to it with your adult perspective? Don’t be afraid to wish… They really still are magical. Let them help you shape the life you desire.

What kind of character are you?


  1. I’ve heard that having a goal of being happy can be a major source of unhappiness, and that we should instead strive to be content. The idea being that we biologically could never stay happy even most of the time, and beat ourselves up about it.

    Since I saw being happy at the top of your list I was interested in your opinions on this idea.

  2. I see what your point is, that being any emotion all the time is impossible. In this case, I’m using happy not so much as a minute by minute emotion, but more of a state of being.

    I strive to live in the present, and not worry about the future nor be regretful about the past. How we react to the present is a choice. I’m trying to always choose happy. To me, there’s no reason to choose otherwise.

    Being sad or angry isn’t going to change anything, except my contentment with my life. Do I always succeed? No… Not even most of the time. Do I beat myself up over letting my happiness slip? Absolutely not! By recognizing when I’m not happy, I get an indicator that something is amiss…

    Happiness is a mindset I strive for because it makes me feel better than not being happy. I don’t obsess over it and I don’t let the temporary lack of happiness take away from my overall contentment. Contentment is the foundation and framework of a healthy existence. Happiness is the fancy red door that is the portal to life…

    Whew! Thanks for asking… I don’t have a monkey manifesto hidden away that I quoted from. You forced me to analyze my thoughts and evaluate my ideas… Thanks.

  3. I have read everything in ‘find your path in life’. This questions is very interesting, I think I am going to answer this questions, this may take a while.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. I’m glad you’re going to follow along. Let me know what you discover…

      1. I’ll let you know and maybe post it on my blog as soon as I have answered all the questions.

  4. It’s taken a while to get to this, but I just started my latest list inspired by you: Wishes, Wants and Dreams come true. I wrote them as positive affirmations, as if they are already facts. For example,
    “I make more than enough money to pay my bills by doing creative things that feed my soul.” (It’s on the way.) I know asking, affirming and believing work. They helped my soul mate find me again after 39 years. I just wish they would work faster! Ah, but it comes when the times is right, when I’m ready.

    1. Good for you! It is all about setting an intention and following it up with positive reinforcement… I’m nowhere near being where I want to be yet either. Like you said, it will happen when I’m ready… It’s tough sometimes to remain positive when faced with the realities of current life. My post for tomorrow is about that… Well, it’s more about me and my challenges… We all have them… Working through them and moving ever forward is what turns adversity into contentment… At least, that’s what I believe.

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