Gratitude Is The New Monkey Attitude.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. ― Epicurus

Gratitude is saying thank you and meaning it… It’s a mindset that feeds our talents and enriches our lives. You can feel gratitude for anything and anyone. Right now, Doug and I are thinking about the gratitude we have for our talents and dreams coming forward and becoming a part of our journey.

I put a lot of thought and action into pinpointing my desires, what talents I wish to develop and where I want to be in life (monkey contentment). Doug believes that along with our hard work, there is an element of synchronicity that came into play. I’m sure everyone reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about, and could even write a thesis paper on synchronicity… We’re just monkeys though, so, to keep focus, I’ll remind myself that synchronicity is

The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Sometimes it felt as if  The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment was hovering around, lining up idea and making connections we would

have missed otherwise. Doug and I are grateful that much progress has been made towards reaching our goals. We’re not giving all the glory to The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment…  We acknowledge that the effort to overcome inertia came from within, and the persistence to keep going is all us. But there does seem to be another component that helps us along, and that’s what we want to express gratitude for.

There’s all kinds of stuff written about the power of positive thought, such as The Secret and Eckhart Tolle’s thoughts. Doug and I have read these and others, and it’s pretty simple, at least to our little monkey brains… Be grateful, hold positive thoughts and positive things will be attracted to you.  We kept these teachings in mind as we started out to find our path in life. As we progressed, things began fitting together, working in our favor and opening up opportunities we never considered before.

Enter The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment. Synchronicities  piled up… Connections were forged and new Ah-ha’s materialized…

Doug and I decided to express our gratitude for the help we’ve received on our journey. Sure, maybe it’s just new connections forming in our brains leading to new thought patterns… We choose to personify whatever it is as The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment though, and wrote a thank you note for all the help we’ve been given…

Dear Spirit Of Monkey Contentment,

Thank you for guiding me and helping to shape my talents. I’m excited that doors are being opened that have been nailed shut for far too long. It’s interesting to learn that to receive assistance I had to begin helping myself first. As soon as I committed to creating a fulfilling life for myself, walls crumbled and doors opened wide.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Please see that Doug and I are serious in our efforts to find Monkey Contentment. Any assistance you can provide now and in the future will be most welcome.

Thanks again Monkey…

The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment! image from

The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment! image from

It doesn’t take much effort. We pulled in the gratitude we feel and made it physical. It’s out there now as a positive thought and intention.It’s important to express gratitude for the positive occurrences and happy coincidences in life. And who know? Maybe there is a real Spirit Of Monkey Contentment, and he may just love thank you notes…


Write a note of gratitude to your talents, your new found direction and, if you feel it’s valid, to whatever you feel is guiding you in your journey. Create the words that express your gratefulness and put it out there as a positive intention. Just don’t try to win favors from The Spirit Of Monkey Contentment… He’s busy helping me.

What have you learned so far?



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  2. grateful is the way to live. the quotation from Epicurus is fantastic! thanks for visiting my blog so I could find you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m always on the lookout for interesting blogs to follow…

  3. Great post. Enjoy your journey together!

    1. Thanks… We are certainly enjoying what life is giving us.

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