Monthly Archives: September 2013

Whatcha Got Already?

Today, Doug and I are taking stock of the skills and abilities we already possess. We’re making a list of current skills, and will look at them with a fresh mindset. This list won’t tell us much about our future path, but it will show us where we’ve been, and where we’ve expended our efforts. […]

Monkey Love.

What are we passionate about? This is the next question that Doug and I asked ourselves. Passion is what drives almost everyone, even more so than need or even fear. If our passion is recognized, appreciated and analyzed with conscious thought, we could discover some of our underlying motivations. Webster’s Dictionary defines passion as a […]

Talk With The Future You.

It’s difficult to move forward if you don’t know where you’re going. Doug and I realized we had no idea where we wanted to be in ten years, or even in one year. Not knowing in which direction to head leads to not moving, or, at best, moving without purpose. Much energy is wasted by […]

Imagine You…

What would we be doing in life if reality wasn’t in the way? This is what Doug and I are thinking about. If money wasn’t an issue, and we could just do and be what we wanted, what would that picture look like? Certainly it wouldn’t look like our last “career”, driving around with a […]

When I’m Big- Part 2.

We grabbed our list of baby monkey dreams that we compiled in the last post and took a good look at it. Some of the things on the list actually became jobs when we got older. Other dreams on the list withered and died on the vine. This is normal and healthy. If you wanted […]

What Do I Want To Be When I’m Big?

“I want to be a unicorn!” Sound familiar? No, not to me either. But I did want to be a ninja. Children have all kinds of ideas about what they will be when they “are big”. Sometimes children know what they will be and stick with it through adulthood. We all know the kid who […]

7.3 Welcomes!

Hello fellow travelers! Welcome to our little cage on the web. Doug and I were born right in the middle of the Gen X baby downloads. A lot has changed since the 1970s, and we sometimes feel unmoored from life. We’ve learned that the typical path in life is anything but typical anymore. There’s some […]