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Who Lives Inside Your Head?

Children are taught to be afraid. It starts with “you’ll fall if you climb that tree!” and proceeds to “You’ll never make a living being an artist!”.  Negativity and self doubt is absorbed and becomes self talk. Doug and I started paying attention to our thoughts in certain situations. We wondered why we never seemed […]

Did You Bring Your Map?, Part 3

Doug and I are excited and a bit surprised that one of our talents/ interests is spirituality. We weren’t shocked that creativity was there… After all, we started using tools when the other monkeys still had their hands stuck in the coconut. Cut that hole bigger monkeys! (If you have no idea what I’m talking […]

Did You Bring Your Map?, Part 2

Doug and I now know that our main talents and interests that drive us are being creative and spirituality. No, we’re not banana thumping zealots condemning spider monkeys to a fiery hereafter because they prefer papayas. Our brand of spirituality is focused inward, full of self examination and conscious, thoughtful improvement. We now have a […]

Did You Bring Your Map?

Talent is an indicator of interest. Children gravitate towards activities they enjoy, and they become better at them through repetition. Monkeys are no different, especially monkeys like us. Doug and I thought back to when we were tiny monkeys, and all the things we enjoyed doing. We wanted to see if there is a correlation […]

Oh No, It Ended! (Yes! It’s Begun!)

Transitions can be difficult. Doug and I have been through a few, and we didn’t care much for any of them. Transitions are valuable though. Every time something ended in our life, new opportunities emerged. We carried our skills and experiences from the old situation into the new. An ending allows a beginning to happen. […]

Dream Advice.

Edward Hopper-Railroad Sunset-1929

What Shape Is Your Conflict?

Doug and I hit a wall. We felt as if we couldn’t visualize what we wanted from life. There was a blockage which almost seemed to be alive. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t begin to think about what we wanted, and where we wanted to be. Being cheeky monkeys, we began to […]

Doug Dream

Doug Idea.

Oh Oh Times.

Conflict and crisis always creates new opportunities, even if we don’t see them at the time it’s happening. Conflict usually calls for quick and creative solutions and decision making. There is always a path through a situation. Doug and I thought back to the major events in our life.  Some of these events were crisis’ […]

Whatcha Got Already?- Part 2

Doug and I now have a list of our skills and abilities, and have defined ourselves as a “thinker who creatively defines solutions”. To inspire connection creation and uncover potential future paths, we’re taking each skill and thinking about how we can turn it into a career. We’re not trying to plot out any paths […]