I’ll Show You!

Doug and I feel a great deal of relief now that we realize that much of what’s holding us back originates inside our own heads. This is something that can be changed.

We looked at the picture of our inner critic and decided to write him a letter. Our inner negativity needs to know that we’re aware of him now, and what we’re going to do with this knowledge. It’s important to express how we feel about the years of torment, so we’ll throw something  in about that too. Standard advice says not to send a message while angry, but in this case it’s ok to break with convention. We’re monkeys, and conventions can’t hold us down!

To our inner critic/negativity, butthead,

Shorthand to happiness.

Shorthand to happiness.

You have caused me nothing but pain. You are not helping nor protecting me.You hold me back. You project your fears onto me, and make me live them out. Let me go. I’m making fundamental changes in my life, and there is no room for misguided “wisdom” from childhood.

I’m moving forward in life, and form my own opinions about what is safe and what is dangerous. Furthermore, I will not let you define me based on the opinions of ghosts in the past.

Doug and are are looking inward and creating new, accurate assessments of ourselves. Leave me alone and go away.

You Suck,

John (and Doug).


Confront your inner critic! Write a letter to your inner negativity and tell it to go away. Let it know how it makes you feel, How you know it’s powerless and what you want from here on out.

Tell the critic about your dreams for your present and future life if you feel like it. Don’t hold back. Your inner negativity doesn’t deserve kindness. Tear it a new one!

Go after the other critics next!

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