Did You Bring Your Map?, Part 2

Doug and I now know that our main talents and interests that drive us are being creative and spirituality. No, we’re not banana thumping zealots condemning spider monkeys to a fiery hereafter because they prefer papayas. Our brand of spirituality is focused inward, full of self examination and conscious, thoughtful improvement.

We now have a broad idea about what drives us, what we’re passionate about. When looking at our map to contentment, we at least know which highway to be on (creativity and spirituality).

We visualize spirituality as an entity that can be communicated with. This personification, “Spirituality”, deserves a thank you for coming forward in our lives once again. Doug and I decided to write Spirituality a thank you letter. This exercise is valuable because it allows us to verbalize what a talent means to us.

We can explore what our life was like before Spirituality became conscious in our reality, and how we now feel after gaining an awareness of it. We wrote:

Content Doug is content...

Content Doug is content…

Dear Spirituality,

Thank you for coming back into my life. I was lost without you. My life seemed pointless and bleak. I went through many patches of darkness when I denied you.

Now that you have returned, I feel that life has meaning again. I feel that I can begin to grow once more. You have given me the gifts of self reflection and conscious thought. Life can be squandered without direction gained from personal examination. Thank you for returning to help Doug and me find our path to contentment.


Choose one of the talents from your list that is most important to you at this time. Visualize this talent as a being that you can communicate with.

Write your talent a thank you letter. Explain how your life was before the talent emerged and how it is now. Is your life better because of the talent? Are you happier? Do you have more direction?

This exercise is valuable because it will allow you to see how important your talent is to you and your happiness. You will pull coherent thoughts out of the nebulous passageways of your mind and make them concrete by writing them down.

Self examination is always valuable. By getting to know our talents and interests, we can move towards a life that fully incorporates them.

Part 3 of map fun is next!

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