Whatcha Got Already?- Part 2

Doug and I now have a list of our skills and abilities, and have defined ourselves as a “thinker who creatively defines solutions”. To inspire connection creation and uncover potential future paths, we’re taking each skill and thinking about how we can turn it into a career.

We’re not trying to plot out any paths yet. Right now we’re just reviewing each skill for potential path leads… We want to make sure we don’t overlook an obvious path just because we’re so used to looking at it in a certain way.

To our list, we will add potential career paths that could develop from each skill.

Wise Old Doug.

Wise Old Doug.

  • Creative– Artist (again).
  • Artistic- Freelance. Maybe murals, or something different this time.
  • Well Read- Teacher (eligible to teach art and history). Maybe a consultant of some sort.
  • Intelligent – Too broad to pinpoint anything.
  • Outside of the Box Thinker- Problem solver?
  • Solutions Monkey- ”                                       “
  • Quick Thinker- Teacher?
  • Clear Thinker  ”                “
  • Drive to Know ”                  “

There are no surprises for us on this list. Even with Doug slipping in to wise old monkey mode, we couldn’t come up with fresh ideas for  our skill set. That’s OK though. This is why we decided to embark on this “discovering our path” journey.

We did learn some things from making this list. We obviously are ready for a change! More effort could have been expended to make connections and try to come up with new combinations to use our skills. The fact that we didn’t is enough to make us realize a change in life is needed.

We also learned that we probably won’t be happy working for anyone else again. Doug and I both suspected that the days of us being company monkeys were coming to an end.  This exercise was informative for us in that it showed us more of what we DON’T want.  What will your list tell you?


Get your list form the last exercise and review each skill and ability you wrote down. Is there a way you can turn the skill into a career? Can you combine skills into previously unthought of abilities to offer in the marketplace? Are you having trouble creating new and fresh thoughts about your skills (maybe time for a whole new path)?

Write down your thoughts and ideas about each skill or combination of skills. If nothing new comes to you, that is just as informative. Don’t feel stuck. Many people are not on the correct path to make themselves happy. This list is as much about what we don’t want as it is about what we do want. We just want to be sure there isn’t a gem hiding in your current place in life that hasn’t been recognized yet.

Hang on to this list, along with the others you’ve created. We’re building up a detailed concept of who we are and what we want from them…

Next up is Oh Oh Times!

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